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Offsite Assessment & Consultation, Remote Probe Assessment

Having a second set of eyes look over your environment cannot hurt. Working with a consulting firm can provide positive results, such as an idea of where slowdowns or bottlenecks lie within the networking environment. Being able to find the root cause of systemic or recurring issues can save your company thousands of dollars in downtime and man hours spent.

You may be having some problems within your environment, or it may be very old. For example, there is some really old networking equipment in the environment – we call this legacy. All the equipment is outdated, and throughout the day and there are a number of problems within the environment that occur. Some users report that a 3 o’clock everything gets so slow, they can’t even browse the Internet. Your Internet connection could be very slow also. One of the challenges in any business, especially if you don’t have any IT people, is knowing where the problem lies. The Internet might be really slow, so you call it the Internet service provider and you have the line upgraded. This cost the business ask more dollars per month, and it doesn’t solve the problem. This is just one example of an issue that many businesses can face, because they don’t have a good handle on their actual IT environment today.

So how do you map out your current environment, find the bottlenecks, and start looking for solutions to everyday problems? The first step is to draw a map. If you know what you have in the infrastructure, you can start mapping it out. If you don’t you can go into the server room and start writing down the make and model of the different equipment. The next step would then be to understand how all the equipment is configured and connected together.

This may sound daunting for someone who is not an IT professional. If you have some IT background you might be able to do this. However, being able to explain to someone else what’s currently in place, how it set up and how it’s configured might be challenging. Also, being able to understand where the bottlenecks are, what slowing down the network-this is something where you will need help.

There are many solutions on the market today called probes. A probe can be installed to your network, and will obtain a number of answers back about your current environment. A probe can quickly provide a report of all the network peripherals, computers, servers, databases, virtualization, and more about the environment. These probe scans can then be exported to report format.