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What does iByte do?

iByte primarily provides Business to Business services. offers IT Services, to assist with the day to day operations and management of your company’s IT environment. This includes consultation, assessment (both onsite and offsite), remote support & helpdesk support, staff augmentation services, procurement services, disposal and more. iByte operates locally in the South Western Ontario (SWO) region.

Computer Repair – Hardware, Software, Operating System Issue/Blue Screen, Viruses, Re-Format, Re-Install Windows

If you are looking for some simple repair options, we can help. We are flexible and can work to your budget. Give us a call, and we’ll advise over the phone an estimate of what your repair costs will be. We charge time and material for repairs. You have two options, either we can come on-site to your business and fix the problem there, or take the machine off-site to repair it. Repairing the problem in real time at your location will incur a higher cost, as opposed to repairing the machine at the shop.

Note: We cannot work with ransomware. Valid software licenses required

Server Repair – Hardware, Software, Operating System Issue/Blue Screen, Viruses, Re-Format, Re-Install Windows

We can work with both new operating systems as well as Legacy Windows Operating Systems. Note: at this time, we do not have in house experience to work with Linux systems. For issues related to Linux or other Server Operating Systems, please use the contact us page to reach out for additional information.

Help Desk & Remote Support Services

Provide the base level support to your staff by providing a support line, ready to take their calls 9 AM – 5 PM, Mon – Fri. Business hours can be altered/established for the support line, to suit your business hours.

Per call basis or set number of calls per month can also be established, to provide a small amount of call time as opposed to unlimited (reduce cost, provide predictability of cost).

Fractional Resource Services / Part Time Engineer

If you are looking for a technician on site a once, twice, or a few times a month, or even once or twice a week, we can help. We’ll work with you to establish when you need someone, and provide introductions to your chosen resource before they start. It’ll be like hiring someone, except you don’t need to do it – you pay a fraction of the cost for someone who’s responsible, on-time, but only needed fractionally on a set schedule.

Networking Problems, Internet Slowdown

If you’re having issues with slow Internet, or the network is slow for whatever reason – slow transfers, problems accessing resources – we can help. Our engineers will visit your business, and start with speaking to your staff and management team to understand your concerns. Speaking with the people, and then taking a look at the technology, we can provide a full report and recommendations on how to move forward. iByte’s team of professionals can also help you to source new connectivity, if required. Options are available from different telco providers, and we will show you all of the different options in the area.

iByte is meant to be a “I can do it!” kind of website. We offer reviews, helpful resources and ideas for the IT professional. There are a ton of different solutions on the market today – for everything. You might be looking to setup a simple data backup solution. You want to (or need to) store data off-site – but is there a way to try different solutions before making an investment? How can you determine what works and what does not, without having to start investing money?