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How Managed IT Partners help with more than just IT

It’s true – your Managed IT vendor, or partner can help with more than just IT needs at your business. So what are the other things that a Managed IT Partner can help with?

Competency & Skills – Having a managed IT partner means your organization has access to a much larger skillbase, and on short notice. A Managed IT partner can scale up resources, or scale them down quickly. As the old adage goes, “no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something.” This certainly applies to the IT world as well. It’s not always possible to have one person that does everything – and having a team of skilled resources still needs leadership and management at the end of the day. Having the capability to utilize these additional resources when needed is a huge asset to the business.

Knowledge transfer & upgrade – Every environment is different. The IT environment you have within your business is unique and different than all others. In order to support this environment, proper documentation needs to be kept. Training needs to be done with each new rep as they are hired, so that they know how to support the environment.

Managed IT partners have processes for doing the same thing over and over. Keeping information about how your business functions and operates, documenting it properly and passing it from resource to resource is important in order to keep knowledge and supporting documentation up to date.

Patch schedules, schedules in general, organization – A Managed IT partner brings with them organization to the chaos. A little scheduling can certainly go a long way. Using practices learned from over the years, your managed IT partner can implement schedules for when the servers should be patched. While you may have resources that are scheduled to work the old 9-5 stick, a managed IT partner will have resources working at different times of the day and night.

Compliance – depending upon the area in which your business operates, there may be compliance needs. Does the company data require backup daily? Does compliance stipulate where the data needs to remain when at rest? Does your organization have a need to store data only in Canada? Being in tune with the compliance needs of the organization is important in today’s economy.