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How I spent 20+ hours troubleshooting Rogers Internet problems

Prelude – A Story of ISP Woe

Just to warn you before you begin reading this article, this article could be seen as extremely biased against Rogers. I’m quite disappointed in the level of customer service I’ve received as a result of a virus-related problem in the home. At least, I think it’s a virus related problem (but since Rogers can’t really provide any real information, written or otherwise, I’m just going off what they’re telling me when I call in).

If you’re a Rogers fan boy, you may want to protect your virgin ears on this one and go read someone else’s article praising how great of an ISP they are.

However, it may take some time for you to find said article.

Why did you spend 20 hours on the phone with Rogers Technical Support?

So, Rogers offers great Internet service. Right? They have a good market share. Many clients use Rogers internet because the speeds are difficult to match up to from other internet service providers.

Long story short, Rogers has been suspending my Internet every 3 days.

I’m the techy person in the house, and when a problem like this happens, it falls on me to figure out.

So what exactly is the problem? Well, according to Rogers I have some kind of “email spam bot” running on my network. After the first few suspensions, all I was being told was “it’s a bot,” not an email spam bot. Rogers techies have no idea what to do. They are poorly trained. I was told to go online, and search up “what is my ip,” and somehow, miraculously, I’d be able to …. I have no idea what this information is going to do for me, really. Nothing. Rogers techs didn’t know the difference between and external IP and an internal one. If you talked about a 192.168 network to them, they have no idea what you’re talking about.

Every time the connection was suspended, I’d ask Rogers: can you tell me what is the problem. Can you tell me what computer on my internal network is having the problem. Can you give me the IP of the affected machine internally. Can you tell me what port the traffic is happening on. Can you give me a log file.

Long story short: Can you share ANY information at all that can help me? The answer was always: no. The technicians would put me on hold. I spent hours on hold. There were typically no managers who would take the call. If I asked for a supervisor or manager, I’d be put on hold indefinitely or transferred somewhere after an hour long call. Typically I’d get transferred to a non-existent line that would tell me, this line is not in service, or etc. and simply I’d then be disconnected.

Customer Service > Technical Support ?

I actually found that the reps who worked in customer service were smarter, had better training, were more technical and were generally able to provide SOME level of information, while the guys who were in the technical department were horrible. English was not their first language whatsoever and they were extremely difficult to understand.

Anyways, fast forward ahead I’ve been suspended 5 times now. I’ve been told to “try Googling online for spam bots and try the troubleshooting steps.” Rogers does not have any particular anti-virus suite they recommend. They will also tell you to take the PC to the Geek Squad, obviously they have some kind of back-end deal signed up with Geek Squad and will refer you there. They really have no tools or ideas of what to do to troubleshoot on the phone. At the very least, they should be able to tell me: can you see the network activity that you’re talking about, happening on my network right now. Can you tell me what device is the problem. Can you even give me a log file to show me the problem. I did not get anywhere, just in endless holds and loops while trying to get support from them.

The whole issue I’ve experienced makes me feel like they do this on purpose to provide some revenue generation to their partner Geek Squad, and if they shared any kind of information with me in regards to the supposed event(s) they are describing, then Geek Squad wouldn’t get the business they so need or desire.

I called Geek Squad, they told me to try scanning with Malware Bytes as well as the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. I had already done this after doing some Googling on what programs to scan with. The windows tool took 3 days and found nothing. The malware bytes tool also took about half a day. Nothing really found. Geek Squad told me I could bring in the PC but if I already spent 3-4 days scanning and found nothing, there was really not a point. I agreed.

I was told at one point, after much waiting on hold and asking many questions, of the times of the “infractions.” I was told that a “problem was detected at 11:36 AM on Thursday,” however I was at work at that time and my PC was off. Same thing on Monday, I was told a problem was detected at 8:30 am. My PC was off and I was at work.

I started asking questions like, is it possible this is not a problem detected in real time? No one could tell me anything. Finally, after the fifth suspension, I was told I would be emailed a log file. No log file ever showed up in my email. We verified the address the email was going to multiple times.

Here we are now going on 5 times being suspended, getting no where with Rogers technical support at all, and pretty much now being forced to cancel my Internet connection with Rogers and look for another provider at this time. Rogers is doing such a poor job here, basically suspending my connection and cannot provide any real data as to why. I can’t believe people would pay for a service where they are cut off every 3 days.

What I finally did in the end after getting no support from Rogers

I’ve now done the following after the fifth suspension and I have no idea what else to do. I’ve spent 20+ hours on the phone with Rogers technical support after 5+ phone calls with no real resolution, no data; not even a breadcrumb to point me in the direction of where the problem lies.

  • Completely formatted the only PC on the network
  • Changed all the wi fi passwords, router login passwords, set the router firewall level to medium from low
  • As I changed wi fi passwords, I used Angry IP scanner to check every IP address on my network. I checked that I recognize all the IPs and devices as I slowly re-added the wireless devices to my network (Smart TV, iPad, iPhone, etc).
  • Even replaced the hard drive in my computer as I reformat and reinstall Windows so there is no possible way that any virus can remain.

Through troubleshooting this problem, I think I’ve learned more than what most Rogers techs will learn in a lifetime working there (probably because they’re not mandated to actually solve the problem). Some of them would even try to upsell me to a higher tier Internet package, saying that more speed should help with the issue. Absolutely and completely clueless. If you can’t fix the problem, why the hell would I pay you more money for a service that obviously isn’t working for me as a consumer?

On top of that, my service also stopped working on Sunday for about 2 hours due to an outage. I am extremely unhappy with them at this time as my ISP and as mentioned, am being forced to look elsewhere now for Internet service. I simply cannot understand how they can play games with their client base like this and still expect us to be paying customers.