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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg deserves whatever happens to him. Jail time?

Lately Facebook has been in the news over some bad PR. The story goes that Facebook helped Trump win the election. While this isn’t illegal or disallowed, the way in which Facebook has done this is in itself, illegal.

The story goes that Facebook, collecting data on millions of people, used that data for ill-gotten gains as it relates to the Trump campaign. While Facebook is blaming Cambridge Analytica as a scapegoat, anyone who follows the news and knows what Facebook is all about, knows that they are truly to blame for this.

So what exactly did Facebook do, that’s so despicable? Mainly, it’s taking fake news stories and targeting them at groups based on race, religion, and other factors. For example, in order for Trump to win the senior vote, Facebook would show seniors ads (fake news stories) meant to either discredit his competitor Hilary Clinton, or to swing votes over to Trump by other means.

Many argue that this same thing happened during the Obama campaign, but not to the extent at which it was facilitated during Trump’s campaign.

Facebook needs to keep taking hits like this to learn it’s lesson. Today, on March 20th, Facebook is said to have lost about 6 billion dollars due to stocks sliding downhill and negative PR. This moves Zuckerberg down from 4th richest person in the world to 5th richest person.

If you think, that’s really just a drop in the bucket for the Zuck, you’re right in that assumption. Facebook was said to be holding an all-employee meeting today, but Zuckerberg isn’t there. Go figure. Probably hiding from the music – bit of a lousy leader, isn’t he?

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Let’s hope he winds up in jail, Facebook tanks and we can all stop using this production killer

Much to his chagrin, Zuckerberg has been requested to make an appearance at the U.K’s committee on digital, culture media and sport. Zuckerberg’s executives have told little white lies to that committee for quite some time. The Federal Trade Commission in the U.S has also started an investigation into whether Facebook has violated deals previously made to ensure that user’s consent is given when sharing their personal information.

Long story short, Zuckerberg and his company have way too much information on billions of people and whatever lies they tell about that information not being distributed to third parties is all baloney. Everyone knows for the most part that Facebook is a cesspool of data thieves and data miners. Facebook does not make a positive impact on the human race.