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MalwareBytes is a good program for Malware scanning

As the title reads, MalwareBytes is a good program to use for scanning for malware and adware on your computer. Over time, malware and adware can be picked up while browsing the Internet. If you are browsing questionable websites at times, it’s more likely that the computer will pickup little pieces of spyware here and there. Usually, the spyware and malware one finds while browsing online is not malicious, but it’s also possible that eventually some malicious malware like a trojan can be picked up.

Browser & Toolbar Hijacks

Some of the most common hijacks out there are browser hijacks and toolbars. Browser hijacks were more popular in earlier days of the Internet, you don’t see them as much now because less and less people use IE. For whatever reason, IE was always (and probably still is) susceptible to browser and toolbar hijacks. With more users switching over to browsers like Firefox and Chrome, more computer users are finding that having multiple browsers enables them to have some fallback measures should one browser wind up full of shall we say, junk.

Toolbars that are annoying you can usually be removed by looking for the “add-ons” area of most browsers. Try disabling unneeded add-ons. MalwareBytes may also pickup foreign toolbars as “PUPs,” or “potentially unwanted programs.” Feel free to remove them when they do.


Programs like CCleaner are also useful. CCleaner will help to remove “dead” files that aren’t really in use anymore, but still taking up space on your hard drive. CCleaner effectively runs a disk cleanup. However, Windows Disk Cleanup kind of sucks compared to CCleaner. Windows Disk Cleanup looks at temp files and dump files (basically data that is a log of what happened when windows had a problem). Windows Disk Cleanup overlooks browser cache though, cookies, etc.

Deleting cookies is a good idea too when you think you may be having a problem with a particular website cookie. It’s a good troubleshooting step in this regard. However, for the most part you typically don’t want to remove cookies unless there’s a particular reason for it, such as one listed above.

Long story short, CCleaner just finds more stuff that you can remove and free up more space.