Laptop Repair Services

Is your laptop not working properly? IF you are located anywhere in Ontario, Canada it is easy for us to repair your laptop for you. iByte offers the following services to help you repair your machine. We can offer remote support, where we login to your machine via a program you download and run such as Teamviewer. If you are not interested in the remote support option, we can provide support in person to your home or business, depending upon technician availability.

If these options do not work for you, we also have the option for you to mail your laptop into iByte for repairs. We can offer laptop repair anywhere in the United States, Canada, and likely other parts of the world too if you do not mind paying the shipping cost for your laptop.

One of the first things you should check however, is whether your laptop is under warranty or not. If you go onto the HP website, Dell website or Lenovo website etc. looking for laptop repair services, you can check if your laptop is under warranty. If the laptop is under warranty, then it does make a lot more sense to have it repaired by the manufacturer because this will be a service that is free of charge.

Locations that iByte provides laptop repair services in:

  • Guelph
  • Cambridge
  • Hespeler
  • Galt
  • London
  • Woodstock
  • Toronto
  • Hamilton

Here is average rates based on the kind of repair required. Please note: you must have the required software licensing in each case. If you do not have the required licensing from Microsoft or other vendors, iByte will provide a quote for you to procure the required licensing – however, keep in mind this will significantly increase the cost of repairs.

  • Virus removal – standard viruses are generally $60 for removal
  • Format and re-install operating system – $80
  • Networking issues – $50 per hour plus travel time
  • Printer issues – $50 per hour plus travel time
  • Wireless networking – $50 per hour plus travel time
  • Server, virtualization and storage issues will require a custom quote based on the requirement or need.