Network Repair

Are you looking for Network Repair services?

It can be difficult to find a network technician in Southwestern Ontario who knows what they are doing. iByte’s team of network engineers and consultants have years of experience fixing network problems. Here are some common network troubleshooting tips and tactics that we employ.

Internet Connectivity & Slowdown Issues

  • Slow Internet, or slowdown of the Internet speed within the network is a common problem that many companies deal with. In order to properly diagnose this problem, iByte technicians will look at the following concerns and ask these questions:
  • What kind of Internet connection is on site – is it DSL, or Cable? What speed is the connection, and is it sufficient for the organization?
  • What programs are running on the Internal Network that may be slowing down the connection for employees?
  • What time of the day does the slowdowns occur? Does it happen every day or just on certain days?
    What kind of switches are being used in the networking closet – are they 10/100 switches or Gigabit switches?

Slow or intermittent wi-fi (wireless networks):

  • What kind of wireless access points are in use? Do they broadcast on 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz frequencies (or both) ?
  • What is the signal strength on the systems that are experiencing problems?
  • Are the adapters that receive the signal compatible with the access points broadcasting the signal?
  • Is there problems in the way of the connection? Obstructions such as microwaves, or thick steel?