PC Tune Up

Having problems with a slow computer? Having a slow computer is a very common issue. If you are running Windows 10, especially with a mechanical drive (you haven’t purchased an SSD drive), it’s very common to have a slow computer. Even if you don’t have Windows 10, we can help.

Some of the things we do to speed up your computer involve the following:

  • Run programs that will optimize your hard drive
  • Disable unneeded programs
  • Check task manager to see what’s using your memory, hard drive or CPU processing utilization up and bottlenecking the system

We will also make recommendations what you should do, if necessary, to improve the functionality and speed of your computer. Say for instance you need more RAM, or an SSD drive, we’ll recommend this to you. Purchasing an SSD drive now is relatively inexpensive. You can get a 240 GB SSD drive for less than $100, and then we just need to move your data and programs over to the new drive.

Contact us today to schedule your tune-up!