Refurbished Computers

Here you can find many different refurbished computers for sale. The best case scenario for purchasing a refurbished computer is to obtain one that has a good warranty on it. If it’s possible to purchase a refurb computer with a year warranty or longer, this is a good thing. Refurbished computers have more chances to not work properly, due to the fact that they are often close to being past their prime, or past it altogether.

The average refresh cycle is 3-5 years – this means all technology needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Refurbished computers have the disadvantage as compared to new systems, as they often have already been used for this timeline, or close to it before you acquire that computer for yourself or your business.

With that being said, below we have listings of refurbished computers available for purchase.

Refurbished Computers for Sale in Canada

HP Compaq 6200 -Intel Core i5 3.1GHz 8GB 250GB DVD Windows 10 Home Premium – $230.00 (Marked down from $499!)

Dell Optiplex PC Quad Core i5 4 GB RAM 250 GB HDD – comes with 19 inch LCD Monitor – $241.00 (Great Price with Monitor also!)