Windows 10 error: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’ll restart for you.

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    This error looks like a blue screen with a STOP code. You will see a website address, “For more information about this issue and possible fixes, visit

    [caption id="attachment_534" align="alignnone" width="275"]Windows 10 error stop code Here’s what one of the windows 10 stop code errors looks like[/caption]

    There are multiple ways to resolve the problem

    1. As different stop codes can come up on the page, try first looking at the stop code and googling it. You’ll find different information online from different support websites, such as Microsoft Technet as to how to resolve the problem. Research the stop code and try some of the fixes that are recommended.
    2. What did you change recently? Often this error is related to a recent change. More specifically, it could be related to a recent driver change. If you’re not familiar with what a driver is, please proceed to our “driver information” page to understand what drivers are and how they interact with the Windows operating system.
    3. Last known good config – you can try restoring the operating system to last known good configuration. You do this by booting to the advanced boot menu screen. You can reach the advanced boot menu screen by the following methods.
    4. Try restoring the Windows 10 operating system from a recovery checkpoint.
    5. If none of the above works out, you will likely have to reinstall Windows 10. If you’re having trouble making a backup due to the error consistently happening, you can remove the hard drive from the system and use a USB to SATA adapter to take a file dump backup of the drive. This will help to backup documents, pictures, etc. but you’ll need to reinstall your applications, programs and games after you reinstall the OS.
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