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New Amazon Smart TV provides more than 15,000 channels

The Smart TV? It’s a smart investment. When you can purchase a larger TV for less than a $500 price point, and have a powerhouse of subscription bundling built in, you have a win-win scenario. Enter the Amazon Element 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. These TVs went onto the market in June…

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How Everyone is Making Money Mining Bitcoin Online

Everyone is doing it – are you mining for cryptocurrency yet? There’s a few things you need to know. The first thing you should know is that at the time of this article being written – which is early Feb 2018, the cryptocurrency mining market is over-saturated with bandwagon jumpers (including myself) which all want…

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How Managed IT Partners help with more than just IT

It’s true – your Managed IT vendor, or partner can help with more than just IT needs at your business. So what are the other things that a Managed IT Partner can help with? Competency & Skills – Having a managed IT partner means your organization has access to a much larger skillbase, and on…

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What does iByte do?

iByte primarily provides Business to Business services. offers IT Services, to assist with the day to day operations and management of your company’s IT environment. This includes consultation, assessment (both onsite and offsite), remote support & helpdesk support, staff augmentation services, procurement services, disposal and more. iByte operates locally in the South Western Ontario…

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How to play the public Request for Proposal (RFP) game – and win

Organizations will make a decision to enter an RFP (Request for Proposal) process when there is a need for change. There are steps that the organization will take, before proceeding to an RFP format. There is a need to write a document which lays out the required objectives first, after which, some vendors will have…

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Offsite Assessment & Consultation, Remote Probe Assessment

Having a second set of eyes look over your environment cannot hurt. Working with a consulting firm can provide positive results, such as an idea of where slowdowns or bottlenecks lie within the networking environment. Being able to find the root cause of systemic or recurring issues can save your company thousands of dollars in…

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How to troubleshoot and document IT issues & challenges

Consultation & Assessment When having a problem within the IT environment, it can be difficult to pinpoint the issue. There are many problems you can face within the environment. Being able to find the problem sometimes mean checking multiple avenues: is it a storage problem? Network problem? Being able to figure out what kind of…

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How mobile app technologies like Uber are creating industry disruption

It’s not long before mobile application technologies change the face of today’s society as we know it. Uber, as an example, is already creating that change. The buzzword today is “disruption.” Uber is just the first example of this disruption. Taxi drivers around the world probably did not predict that their occupation could become more…

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