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How to customize Nicehash for optimal mining

If you have installed Nice hash, one of the behaviors you will notice is that it is constantly changing algorithms. If you do other things on your mining box like use applications or play games while mining, you’ll notice more interruption while you’re trying to multitask. Yes, it is totally possible to play games and mine at the same time! If you have a higher end system, why not right? I like to turn off Nice Hash myself when I want to retain more control of my system, however there are times where I may do both processes together.

Nice Hash will use your CPU and as many GPU’s it can pick up, concurrently (or at the same time). One thing you can do is to sometimes monitor Nice Hash and see what algorithm appears to be the most steady and making the most money.

This does not take a lot of effort, just check Nice Hash a few times throughout the day to see how it’s doing. What I noticed from checking up on Nice Hash here and there, was that the program made the most money when my CPU was mining Cryptonight, and my two GPU’s were both doing Equihash.

Some algorithms work better depending what card and what CPU you have. For example, I noticed when Nice Hash would cycle my GTX 1050ti card to DaggerHashimoto, it would take a long time to cycle over and meanwhile that GPU would be making no money. I noticed it would take several minutes to successfully cycle over to Dagger, and after doing so the payout rate per day was also less with Dagger.

I went into the settings, and told Nice Hash to only run Equihash against my two GPU’s. Now, the program is less erratic, and I have less slowdowns due to Nice Hash trying to cycle through algorithms. I noticed my payout per day to be more constant and less all over the place.

NiceHash Version – Legacy or New GUI?

There are two different versions of Nice Hash – the AMD version (legacy) and the newer version. If you have AMD cards, like Vega, Radeon, RX series etc. you will need to use the legacy version.

If you read forum posts on the Internet, you will find that many have reported higher earnings with the older version anyways. The legacy version, despite the name is still very much in use today. NiceHash also continually updates the legacy version too, so it’s not like the legacy version is old and decrepit. It’s more of a name really than actually being “legacy,” which is interesting because in the rest of the IT world, legacy usually means outdated and antiquated.

Anyways, if you want to mix and match cards between AMD and Nvidia, you need to use the Legacy version, too. I currently run a Geforce 1050ti and an AMD Radeon 7700 series. Why? Well, I can’t find cheaper cards right now. The Geforce 1050 card is 4 GB RAM and cost me $250. It makes about $0.75 a day (if I run it all day long). At the time of this writing, I mostly run my rig at night if I run it at all. It’s hard for me to earn more than the cost of power with these two cards and the CPU that I have at this time.

Anyways, depending on your configuration, you may make more with one version over the other. Because I mix cards, I’ve only ever used the legacy version. Try running both and see which you make more with. However, you’ll still need to tweak and optimize to earn the most. The best way to do that is to monitor the rates and set the miner to use only the algorithms that work best with the card. As mentioned, I do best with Equihash running against my two GPU’s