Geforce GTX 1050 Video Card – Review

January 2, 2021 0 By admin

The GeForce GTX 1050 series comes in the following flavors, there is a 2 GB and 3 GB variant. The GTX 1050ti has 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. The 1050 series of cards is affordable and a good investment if you are just starting out in gaming, or if you don’t have a requirement to run really high end games. The GTX 1050 will run you around $150-$250, with the TI series costing more in general – that is, if you can find one.

The 1050 series is generally not available as production has stopped. Nvidia now refers customers to purchase the 2000 series cards instead – so the 2060 card would be the one you can find.

Equivalent to GTX 1050 card: The equivalent AMD card to the GTX 1050Ti would be the RX 560. However, most gamers would likely agree the 1050Ti outperforms the RX 560. We would advise to look at the RX 570 card instead as it performs much better.

GeForce GTX 1050ti 4 GB

Although you can’t really find this card anymore (at least not new), the GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB video card is a good purchase. If you’re able to find one, and it’s in good working order, these cards make for an excellent budget card that can run most games up to 2016.

Modern Warfare is an example of a game that can still run at 60 fps on a Geforce 1050Ti.

With that being said, newer games made 2018 and older will have problems running on a 1050 series card. Newer games will likely run at only 30 fps or around there and need to be run in low quality. The 1050 series card was released in 2016 so it does have problems running some of the much newer titles, such as Star Wars: Squadron. Final Fantasy XV, as an example, will not run well on this card – less than 20 FPS.

Buying a Used Geforce 1050 Series GPU

If you’re buying a used Geforce 1050, be wary as it’s possible that the card was used to mine (crypto) at some point. These cards have only increased in cost after being released. At one point you could get them for $110. Now, if you can find a GTX 1050 at all, chances are possible that it’s been used to mine at some point or another. Mining affects a card by degrading it faster then it usually would be degraded. Even with some mining, it’s possible that the Geforce 1050 card you purchase could still last for many years – and we hope it does. However, it’s best to purchase GPUs that have not been used for mining.

If you’re not sure if the card is viable or not, make sure you’re able to install it into your computer, and that it detects. Once detected, try playing one of your favorite games. Make sure there’s no framerate skip, no blue screens, and no slowdowns. You can also try running a burn in program or a program that tests the card for a day or so, to see what it reports back – like a benchmarking program.