Windows Help

This part of the site is a Windows guide. Here we have articles about Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and more. From each iteration or version of Windows, not a lot changes from one to the next. Also, Windows 10 does not really mean anything. E.G the number 10. Some people may ask, what about number 9? If you take a look at Microsoft iterations, their release numbers have not actually matched up to the actual forward facing number system since 1996 with Windows NT 4.0. Win 10 is actually Windows 6.4 in terms of the release numbers. Why there is no 9, Microsoft tends to jump around sometimes and it’s possible that there was a 9 but it was more of a test version of Windows that did not really make it to the public facing market.

With that being said, there are a million different articles we could publish here about Windows installation, configuration and troubleshooting. However, for the purpose of this instructional material, we will focus mostly on the important and critical components of Microsoft Windows and add on more information as time allows.