Windows 10 Tablet Mode

How do I switch between tablet and desktop modes in Windows 10?

One of the challenges in Windows 7 and Windows 8, was the change in industry thinking. The IT industry is moving towards tablets, hybrids and moving away from the traditional keyboard. Remember that the keyboard and mouse are an older style of input method – sooner or later, something new will come along to replace this “old school” method of input. It’s only a matter of time.

Many tablets now have on screen keyboards. So the challenge presented itself that old style input methods were obsolete, and new ones had to be invented. Windows 7 and 8 struggled with the capability to switch between using the tablet or hybrid’s keyboard, and using a regular keyboard.

In windows 10, the entire process should be seamless. The feature to make the changeover happen efficiently is called Continuum. Here’s a video which shows the ease by which Continuum should work: